It's All About Your People! 

Embracing Human-Centered Business, Workplace Culture, and Learning Design

Forget business as usual: It’s time for business that supports our resilience and potential. Yes, that’s a thing—and we’ve got 20 years of blueprints to share! Borrow them and build your own culture of innovation, inclusion, and lifelong learning.





Want to build a human-centered organization that supports happier, healthier, more resilient humans? Here’s how providing the means to help people reach their potential does a world of good. Start with a shared mission and a few guiding principles to set your people—and your business—up for long-term resilience.



Culture is more than a motto; it’s what we do and say every day. Learn how to create a space of psychological safety and shared vulnerability to help your teams manage, collaborate, and thrive together.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

From recruitment to daily routines, life-centered leaders look for ways to boost representation, inclusion, and belonging in their organizations. Learn how to welcome and include people who live life with all skin colors, bodies, abilities, genders, and relationships—and help diverse teams engage each other with resilience and care.  


Learning Design

Growth should feel invigorating, not dreary or draining. Discover how a thorough business and learner needs analysis, along with design thinking methods, help you develop learning and skilling programs that invigorate your people and get business results.