WebXR: The Gateway to Immersive Learning

Ready to launch an immersive learning strategy that scales to your entire audience, with or without VR headsets?

Join our experts for a tour of WebXR and its (almost!) infinite use cases, LMS and data superpowers, and 7 amazing immersive experiences.

What has unlimited use cases and scales? WebXR experiences, of course! Discover how this legendary learning content helps you ignite an immersive learning strategy that reaches every learner, works with your LMS, and yields incredible data insights.


What Is WebXR?

Discover why WebXR content is the gateway to immersive learning—and how it’s helping learning innovators bring engaging, effective immersive experiences to their entire learner audience…with or without a VR headset.


Why the Time Is Right for WebXR Learning Experiences

Let’s call it convergence: Learners and technology are coming together in a rare moment of alignment. Discover how these two forces are evolving to create the carpe diem moment for WebXR content.


WebXR: A Rainbow of Learning Use Cases

It’s no secret that the world of work is changing…fast. As organizations and roles evolve, L&D teams are leveraging immersive learning for an ever-growing spectrum of use cases and levels of learner activity. 

The World of WebXR Experiences: A Learner’s-Eye View

It’s show-and-tell time! Step into seven amazing immersive experiences with use cases ranging from garage safety to guest experience.


WebXR + Your LMS: The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Need your immersive learning experiences to live and thrive in your LMS? No problem! Meet WebXR’s mighty sidekick: the WebXR LMS Integration Tool (data analytics superpowers included).


Ready to Take the Plunge into Immersive Learning?

An immersive learning partner should be more than just a shiny object vendor. Here’s how we partner with you to build an immersive learning portfolio mapped to your organization’s broader learning and business strategy.