Learning in the Metaverse and Beyond: The Immersive Future of L&D 

Ready to beam your learning strategy into the future? Join our XR experts for an exclusive tour of the metaverse, four stellar use cases for immersive learning, and a glimpse into the future of virtual and augmented reality.

Whether you need a full tutorial or a few talking points, you’ll find plenty of immersive learning inspiration on:


Metaverse 101

Discover what the metaverse is—and whether, how, and when to leverage it for learning.


Needs Analysis for Learning in the Metaverse

Step away from the shiny object! Use this guide to assess your business and learner needs before you immerse in the metaverse.

Use Cases for Immersive Learning

Discover how immersive learning gets real—and gets results—with four powerful use cases and plenty of examples.


The Near Future of Immersive Learning

If you love science fiction, you’ll love this trek into what’s ahead for XR technology and immersive learning.

Find The One

There are many fish in the digital sea. This checklist will help you find the perfect immersive learning partner for you.