Elevate Your Learning Solutions with Needs Analysis


Do you want your learning experiences to engage learners, shift performance, and impact business results? Find out how a needs analysis can help elevate your solutions, obtain stakeholder buy-in to your vision, and add value to the business.


Late-breaking Bonus Chapter! Now with the Needs Analysis Playbook, learn how to use design thinking (we call it CoDesign™) for analysis and learning experience design—including a case study! 

Download this guide and explore:


Stakeholder Analysis

Discover what questions to ask to uncover the business needs, establish what success looks like, and determine whether training will solve the problem.


Learner Audience Analysis

Design solutions that learners will love, by finding out what they want and need from their learning experience.


Consider how time, cost, and scope will impact your solution, and how you can work within and influence the constraints.


Needs Analysis Report

Gain buy-in to your vision from your stakeholders with a needs analysis report that speaks their language.