Virtual Training Case Studies to Spark Inspiration

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Accelerating digital transformation of learning? Looking for ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Discover five virtual training case studies—unique challenges and solutions—to spark creative thought for your training portfolio.

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Rapid Development

Explore a just-in-time training solution for frontline health care workers battling COVID-19, and get tips for your own rapid development.


Design Thinking

Learn how our design thinking process for learning (CoDesign™) helped develop an important program that teaches kids how to recognize and speak up about sexual abuse.

Representation, Diversity, and Inclusion

Discover how virtual training helped educate health care professionals about transgender issues, and explore ways you can improve representation in virtual training.


Storytelling and Scenario-Based Learning

Get a sneak peek at SHRM’s new People Manager Qualification (PMQ) program, an in-depth, effective learning program that’s also fun, relatable, and totally bingeable.

Virtual Learning Journeys

Take a journey with Pfizer and SweetRush as we transform a live workshop for marketing leaders into a virtual learning journey that blends eLearning, social learning, and gamification.