Virtual Training: Free Learning Resources

We know what you’re faced with in this challenging moment. Your in-person training now needs to be virtual.

We're here to help. For 20 years, we’ve helped our clients bring their live classroom training online, recognized by our peers as top of the eLearning industry. Here, our instructional design superstars share their expertise to help you succeed.

We care and want to see you succeed. You need to quickly convert some training, and we’ve got tips for you there. But let’s also think long term. For optimal digital transformation of learning, you need to be thinking about engagement, motivation, and learner experience. 


Best Practices for Quickly Converting In-Person Training to Effective Virtual Learning

Have you been tasked to convert instructor-led training to virtual training quickly? Our comprehensive best practices guide includes the tips you need to be successful.

By Danielle Hart, Director of Marketing

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Tips for Successful Zoom Meetings

With this guide you can start or improve your Zoom meetings and use this tool for the benefit of your team and clients.
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Need to Create an Online Learning Community Fast? Leverage These Instructional Design Tips

Has COVID-19 forced you to create an online learning community for your students? Check out these great instructional design tips and resources!

By Luci Napier, Instructional Designer

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Converting Instructor-Led Training to Digital Learning

Instructional design expert Clare Dygert shares five key considerations for converting instructor-led training to digital learning. 

By Clare Dygert, Director of Instructional Design

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5 Virtual Classroom Essentials Τhat End Multitasking

Virtual classroom learners have a world of information at their fingertips. Unless you, the facilitator, keep them engaged, they’re going to check email, sports scores, and fashion trends. These 5 virtual classroom essentials keep learners interested, focused, and motivated.

By Tim Coffey 

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vILT Facilitator Preparation Tasks Checklist

Master the art of preparing for the virtual classroom with this handy checklist.

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Like The Oompa Loompa Do? Mobile Job Aids For Performance Support

Mobile job aids provide simplified information, and illustrated instructions of steps or procedures needed to perform tasks, all at a learner’s fingertips. They can also be used for coaching and mentoring! In this article, I'll highlight some of the key uses for mobile job aids.

By Kate Hixson

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