Life-Centered culture and leadership is the path to business success. We live it. Let us help you do the same.


Organizations that foster human-centered, purpose-driven cultures are rising to the top as industry leaders.


They’re also doing the good and important work of being in service to life’s full potential—for their people and the world.


Whether you are fully remote (as we have been for 10+ years), hybrid, or back in the office, we can help you become one of them.


To be a leader means you face an incredible number of challenges. It also means you have the extraordinary opportunity to shape the future of work and our world.

We’re in a time of persistent uncertainty and change—your organization’s purpose and the way you value your people are vital to organizational stability and success.

A culture that places purpose and people at its core is a culture that thrives—both internally, with healthy teams and processes, and externally, with a healthy bottom line and positive impact in the world.


Engage us in a conversation. You will experience why our process works and how you can build the culture that your people are craving, one leader at a time.

At SweetRush, we’ve seen the positive return on investing in our own culture for over 20 years, including near-zero employee turnover and long-standing relationships with our client partners.

SweetRush Transforming Leaders & Culture (TLC) brings this lived experience and technical expertise to you.

They were invested in the [culture transformation] project and its success as much as we were.” 

—Global tech company Chief of Staff and SweetRush client


Culture is not developed by wallet cards and posters, but through inspired dialogue and shared meaning.

We’d love the opportunity to get to know one another and hear about what is alive in you and your organization.


To help you get to know us, here are things we hold to be true:

  • Culture has meaning only in the context of business strategy. They are inextricably connected.
  • You can create a richer culture that unlocks the potential of every individual, and we can help you get there.  
  • Culture, leadership development, and innovation are evolutionary. We value progress over perfection and seek to create tangible impact as soon as we begin work. 
  • When love’s gentleness and fierceness are in balance, it is a winning formula. (This may be a new—and intriguing—concept. We look forward to sharing more with you.)
  • How your people feel about their organization's leadership matters, profoundly. 
  • Most consultants charge a lot and, in the end, leave you with a lengthy report that generally goes nowhere. We do it differently. You’ll gain clarity, distill where you want to go, and chart a path—step by step—to get there. 
Expertise & Guidance

With our expertise and guidance, leaders come to more fully value all stakeholders. From this place, we expertly guide clients through culture transformation design and implementation that realizes tangible, positive impact on their organizations’ goals. 

Engaging Hearts & Minds

The way to shift culture is by engaging the hearts and minds of team members. Leaders must believe in your culture, live it, and communicate it in words and actions. We support leaders as they transform themselves and their organizations by valuing people and aligning around a life-serving purpose while creating robust financial value.

Leadership Evolution

A culture can only evolve to the extent its leaders are willing to evolve. In our leadership development experiences, we encourage self awareness, teach the neuroscience of change and emotional reactivity, provide tools for generative dialogue, and support leaders to diminish fear in the way they show up.

We seek to fully understand our clients’ needs and goals and to connect in a way that fosters care and trust.
Human-Centered Focus
Organizations are made up of people; they are the drivers of culture and change and are at the core of engagement design.
Leaders Must Lead
How leaders own and embody the desired culture is vital to its transformation. There is no transformation without the top leaders’ genuine engagement.
Progress Over Perfection
Culture and leadership development and innovation are evolutionary. We seek to create immediate tangible impact, and we measure and celebrate progress over perfection.
Culture Transformation Process
Uncovering insights through values-based assessments, quantitative analysis, and qualitative research
Executive Leadership Engagement
Designed to support ownership by top leaders
Design & Development
Long-term, comprehensive plan with attainable quick wins
Action, Measurement, Evolution
Observe, measure, and adjust to maximize the scale and speed of transformation

Let’s connect.
We’d love to get to know you better!


We’re excited to learn more about you, the goals you have for your team and organization, and the challenges you’re facing in achieving them. Please reach out anytime for an introductory consultation call.

Shelby Shankland
Director of Solutions Design
SweetRush Transforming Leaders & Culture
Holistic Customized Impact-Focused
Culture Transformation Consulting & Support
Measurement, design, planning, implementation, and sustainment.
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Services include:

  • Culture and leadership assessment (initial and ongoing)
  • Discovery, including focus groups and individual interviews
  • Facilitated, highly interactive group events
  • Team and 1:1 coaching
  • Culture strategy planning
  • Organization-wide learning and development—supported by our award-winning team at SweetRush!
Transformational Leader Development Programs
Tailored, interactive learning programs that support your culture, strategy, and goals, and make leaders and teams more effective.
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Topics include:

  • Conscious leadership; self-responsibility, connection, empowerment, accountability
  • Team development, collaboration, and success
  • Interpersonal effectiveness and relationship-building
  • Innovation and design thinking
  • Coaching for growth
  • Change and transition leadership
Expert Coaching
Holistic coaching that meets individuals and teams where they are and invites them to elevate and expand into the possibilities before them.
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  • Executive - including CEO, Owner and Founder
  • Skills-Based
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Peer group
Strategic Consulting
Targeted support for specific areas, such as:
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  • Executive or board consultation
  • Leadership alignment
  • Integrating culture and strategy
  • Organizational goals

We care deeply about improving people’s lives through creating and evolving healthy business ecosystems—where leadership is rooted in, and guided by, love

People are our passion. Valuing people and holding their needs is at the core of SweetRush TLC. Clients feel the difference in the way we show up, which fosters safety and trust, and unleashes leaders’ full potential to transform their cultures.

How we came to be

For over 20 years, the world's most successful brands have trusted SweetRush, and we have earned our way to being one of the very top providers of custom learning solutions. We have always been purpose-driven, with united leadership and a strong, caring culture at the foundation of our success. It is who we are and essential to what we do.


Our clients felt and experienced our culture and asked us to help transform theirs—so we created our culture and leadership transformation service. It bloomed organically.  Effective learning and development requires being sensitive to the needs of people and changing their behavior through creative instructional design; this is closely aligned with and supports the multi-faceted art of culture and leadership transformation. 

What we bring to the table is powerful—a unique and effective approach. We’d love to show you. 


We Care: Love drives how we hold each other, our clients, and those that work with and around us.

We are Committed: To use our craft to create impact in our world “In Service of Life Potential.”


Our core team, along with our culture and leadership consultants and coaches, embody the fullness of the work we embrace. Our presence and interactions create a palpable experience of love—in all its ferocity and gentleness—with those around us.

As a whole, we comprise a wide array of expertise, experience, and perspectives and represent:

combined years of experience
professional & advanced degrees
distinct certifications across our team
countries where our global team members are distributed

A few of the organizations we’ve been honored to partner with:

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Insights and expertise from TLC consultants and coaches.

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