Remote Team Building: Free Learning Resources

Uncertain times mean fewer full-time hires. But you still need to get your work done. How can you quickly find virtual L&D consultants who can hit the ground running? How do you interview for culture fit?

We care and want to see you succeed. Check out these insights around vetting and collaborating with the best temporary professionals out there.

Wishing you cleans hands, clear heads, and calm hearts.


New to virtual recruiting? Here's how you can get started

In this article, SweetRush's Talent Consultant Melissa Chacón provides helpful tips to convert an end-to-end recruitment process to a virtual recruiting one.

By Melissa Chacón, Talent Consultant

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Lessons Learned Doing Remote Employee Onboarding For 10 Years

To help with the challenge of hiring remote workers, our remote employee onboarding expert gives best practices.

By Maricruz Vicente, Talent Solutions Coordinator

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How to Conduct a Virtual Interview for a Remote Position

Our expert recruiter shares tips for conducting a virtual interview for remote positions. Learn more about the “SweetRush style” of interviewing.

By Melissa Chacon, Talent Sourcer

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L&D organizations are under pressure to develop training programs fast. Staff augmentation helps—bridging skills gaps, making teams more agile, and more!
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