Managing Work, Kids, and Life at Home: Free Resources

We’re all in the same boat, adjusting to working and socializing virtually—some of us facing the additional challenges of homeschooling kids and keeping them occupied. We care and want to see you succeed.

As a 100% virtual team for 10+ years, our 200-strong global team has lots of experience in these areas. Here, we share proven practices and fun ideas to help you better manage the “new normal” of daily life.

Wishing you cleans hands, clear heads, and calm hearts.



We’ve heard from many parents who are struggling with the "new normal" of having their children home from school. We tapped into our community and hosted a podcast discussion with several SweetRush colleagues who have experience educating their children from home. They had wonderful insights to share -- have a listen! 
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SweetRush Coloring Mural

Here’s a lovely graphic for you to color, designed by our own amazing graphic artists. 

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Working from Home Isn’t a New Idea: It’s All About Family

Believe it or not, working from home is not a new concept! Becky Schmidt shares how she raises her family following in the footsteps of pre-industrial age mothers.

By Becky Schmidt, Instructional Designer

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How Working from Home Changed My Life

Melissa Chacon, recruiter for SweetRush, shares her emotional story of how working from home helped her balance work and family. 

By Melissa Chacon, Talent Sourcer

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